CloudHarmony provides performance metrics for cloud services including CDNs, cloud servers, storage and platforms. CloudHarmony uses standard, publicly available performance benchmarks and network metrics to provide useful apples-to-apples comparisons between vendors. These metrics can be used by organizations to assist in vendor selection and achieve the highest ROI for cloud adoption.

Services Offered

  • Performance Metrics
  • Performance Benchmarks
  • Cloud Consulting
  • Network Benchmarks
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Cloud Status
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This RSS feed provides details related to any outages we have currently detected from 90+ different cloud services we monitor in 50 different public clouds. We use multiple geographically disperse monitors to verify every outage and attempt to manually verify and document extended outages as well. Scheduled maintenance is excluded from outage triggers.

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Read current and interesting articles related to the cloud. We hand pick and summarize 1-5 interesting articles daily in this feed.

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The benchmarks section of our website provides graphical access to the web service APIs. Use it to generate browser-based graphs viewing and comparing performance and network benchmark metrics for many different cloud services.

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View 5-digit precision uptime metrics for cloud services including CDNs, cloud servers, storage, platforms, etc.  To provide these metrics, we maintain and monitor our own resources with each cloud service.  Outages are usually verified and documented, and when applicable applied against the vendor's uptime metric. Pre-scheduled outages such as maintenance are discarded.

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Use web services to gain real-time access to our database containing millions of performance and network benchmark metrics for cloud services.  These web services include both RESTful and SOAP APIs and XML, JSON or JSON-P data interchange.  They can be used to extract useful metrics on cloud services programmatically and in real-time.  For example: to determine the CDN providing lowest latency in Europe, or to find the lowest cost 4GB cloud server in the Western US, among thousands of other possibilities.

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