What happens to your cloud after you die?

With digital data moving to the cloud, we are freeing up storage space and making the management of that data much simpler. Sites like Rackspace offer the chance to store all critical data securely without the need to have your own servers and manage complex equipment. This makes the data storage process quite affordable and convenient. But cloud technology has created a new problem, and one that many people have yet to think about. What happens to your cloud when you die? Is your digital data just left floating around out there for anyone to eventually hack, or can you put plans in place for dealing with it? This is a question that must be addressed for those who trust their most important data to the cloud.

The Difficulty of the Cloud After Death

Today's cloud-based technology is designed to be very secure. This means that only the people who know your account log in information will be able to, in theory, access that data. So, you could leave your account log in information in your last will or testament, but most people will change passwords regularly, particularly if they have important data to protect. So, that will could be outdated in a week or two.

Options to Consider to Preserve Your Data

There are many options to consider when planning on how your digital assets should be handled after your death. Some services allow you to bequeath your assets to a beneficiary, enabling that beneficiary to access your account upon your death. You can also set up online accounts that will pass on your passwords and login information to a trusted source upon your death. Services like these allow those who live after you to make use of the information you leave behind.

Options to Consider to Delete Your Data

What if you don't want your data to survive you? In this case, you would need to find a service that would delete the data upon confirmation of your death. Because of the ramifications of deleting (or not deleting) your data, you would want to be certain that the service was secure and the person you entrusted with the activation process was trustworthy.

The Risks of Digital After-Death Services

These services are set up to deal with your cloud data after your death. Most likely, they will work as they advertise. Yet, there is a risk. After all, you’re trusting a digital entity that could very easily change or be hacked at some point, with your most valuable data and important personal and financial information. Is that something you really want to put at risk?

In the end, you will need to determine the best route to take when dealing with your pending demise and your digital data. This is new territory, as the prior generation didn’t have to concern themselves with important information stored digitally. So, take the time to determine what is the best course of action for your needs, look for a service that supplies it and then enjoy your life and cloud-based digital data knowing you have a plan to take care of this when you are gone.


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