We've been busy - Application Updates

We heard you loud and clear and we’ve been busy updating the site based on your feedback. Check out the Global Provider View for starters. If the ISP you are using to access the Web is located in North America, South America, Europe or Asia, your first view will be a regionalized perspective of Cloud service provider performance. (Coming in from another region? You will see the familiar map of the world.) The “Provider Response Time” list shows the average response time for the region’s backbone nodes. Clicking on the green arrow next to a provider’s name shows the details for that provider, but only for the backbone nodes shown on the map. Charting and tabular view are regionalized also.
We heard your feedback: While a global perspective essential, you often want to focus on regional response times. The Cloud Provider View will start you off in your local region; to see other regional perspectives, or to get a a global perspective, just change the location with the “locations” pull-down at the top of the page.

Last Mile

You may notice that last mile data have has been removed from the detailed provider information of the Cloud Provider View. (You get there by clicking on the green arrow next to the provider’s name.) We removed last mile data from this view in anticipation of a new visualization that will focus exclusively on last mile. Last mile data is far too important to bury under a click—many of our users didn’t know it was there. Others had trouble making sense of it.

New Applications

Point your browser at the CloudSleuth applications pageand check out the two new applications we’ve added there. Visual Trace Route from Kirk Ouimet at yougetsignal.com plots the route Internet packets take to reach a specified destination. The Cloud Computing Tweet Mapped application from Virender Aijmani at mibazaar.com tells you the who, what and where of tweets about Cloud computing.

These applications demonstrate an exciting characteristic of the Cloud: it lowers barriers to innovation. Kirk is a student and Virender is a professional software developer. Thanks to the Cloud, they didn’t need a huge investment in infrastructure, tools or marketing to share their ideas globally. Innovation changes everything. And when ideas can go quickly from the mind of an innovate innovative developer to the browsers of global distributed users…well, just wait and see.

We’re just getting started

Check back often. We are adding some new features to the Cloud Performance Analyzer that we think will blow you away. As always, feel free to submit your input.