Welcome to CloudSleuth’s showcase of emerging technologies and strategies for cloud computing. Here you can explore the functionality of the latest innovations for deploying and managing borderless applications, brought to you by the contributing partners of CloudSleuth.

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Global Provider View

Compare the performance and availability of PaaS and IaaS providers in real time from around the world.

CDN Performance Analyzer

Discover the effect of 3rd Party web services and CDNs on web application performance from around the world.

Gomez Website Performance Test

How fast is your Website? Test your website using the world's most comprehensive testing network. Use Gomez's instant testing to find performance problems before your customers do. 

Visual Trace Route Tool

Plot the route to any network address with this cool Google Maps integration and MaxMind'sGeoIP database.

Cloud Computing Tweets - Mapped

Follow cloud computing comments across the Twittersphere and around the globe with this Google Maps & Twitter mash-up.