The CloudSleuth Mission: What’s it all about?

The cloud is rapidly becoming the platform of choice for global applications. We’re already seeing organizations shift from self-contained internal enterprise environments to the open landscape of borderless applications — and for good reasons. Cloud computing provides organizations access to plug in to a network of shared configurable computing resources such as networks, servers, storage, applications and services. By deploying borderless applications to the cloud, organizations free themselves from heavy capital expenses, while gaining greater flexibility, agility and cost savings.

However, they don’t come without their challenges. Borderless applications are much more complex. They are essentially Web-based supply chains; the effective delivery of a single Web application often relies on services supplied by multiple hosts (research indicates close to 10 hosts on average), many of which may be outside the direct control of the application’s owner. While the cloud computing model can open a world of opportunity for business and business software, it fundamentally changes the way IT deploys and manages applications.

CloudSleuth gets IT and business professionals talking about cloud. Established as a partner-driven community, CloudSleuth brings together industry experts, early cloud adopters and cloud newcomers to foster a collaborative exchange of strategies, best practices and resources for deploying and managing applications in the cloud. Content is provided by a growing network of contributing partners: Compuware and its network of technology partners. Read about what strategies industry giants rely on, ask experts questions and network with fellow cloud users.

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Why Join as an Active Member?

Many cloud-related sites and communities exist, but none quite like this. Other sites chiefly serve as a source for information. CloudSleuth goes well beyond that. Active members can take part in forums in evolving discussions on solving common cloud-related issues. Rather than just reading, you’re collaborating directly with a network of cloud customers, partners and application developers to determine best practices and direction for emerging cloud technologies.

As a registered user, you gain free access to CloudSleuth’s vast network of contributing partners for:

Working solutions – See the latest functionality and innovations of cloud and cloud-related technologies.

Expert advice – Tap into these valuable resources:

  • comprehensive database of historical performance and availability issues
  • detailed “how-to” information on the collection of performance metrics
  • best practice guides for application development and rollout from actual deployments
  • source code for you to use as sample code in collecting performance metrics and other performance management related projects.

Working, performance-monitored blueprints – Capitalize on the lessons learned and the best practices in building the next generation of borderless applications.

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